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Henan Xinhang Microwave Technology Co., Ltd

is specialized in industrial microwave research and production for more than 10 years, and setting research, production, sales and service as a whole. Its office and factory are both in Zhengzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.

The industrial microwave devices and components are widely used in the high energy consumption, heavily pollution industrial area and the fine processing of new materials such as metallurgy, powder materials, chemicals, ceramics and refractory, as well as electronics, food, pharmaceutical, rubber, environmental protection and other industries. Specifically, apply to heating, drying and sintering of mineral smelting, powder metallurgy, functional ceramics and carbon materials, as well as the catalytic of chemical reactions, the rapid extraction of active ingredients, the sterilization of food and medicine, the extrusion of various leisure food, etc.

Why Choose Us?

For more than 10 years, Xinhang research teams get many research results. When they found the traditional air cooling method doesn’t have a good heat dissipation effect , they developed water cooling jackets, combined power supply, oil cooling transformer groups, and son on. All of these get patents. Especially, commercial microwave oven successfully developed by Xinhang has brought a huge technological upgrading for the related fields. It could reduce energy consumption by over 30% than the traditional process and improve the efficiency of more than 40 times. With the recognition and trust of consumers, the equipment has really realized Energy conservation and efficient production. At present, Xinhang has developed commercial microwave oven, microwave switch power supply, oil cooling transformer group, microwave transformer, waveguide, and so on. Besides, it also agent LG and Panasonic magnetrons for more than 10 years.

Besides more than 10 patents, Xinhang gets a number of national technological achievements that has passed through the identification. In addition, it has also won numerous provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, the National SME Innovation Fund and the 2015 SME support Fund by the Finance Bureau of Zhengzhou City. Thus ranked as a back-up listed company in Zhengzhou City, Henan province.

With hard-working and reach experience, Xinhang have earned tens of thousands of customers at home and abroad. In the year of 2008, Xinhang is appointed special supplier for Olympic Games for its microwave heating oven. Besides, it also provide many other successful cases. For example, it provide 36KW box type microwave machine to Zambia for kiwi fruit and other fruits drying, 80KW tunnel type microwave machine to America for vegetables drying, 10KW box type machine to Russia for food drying, especially, they provide technical guide and microwave parts to Turkey and Spain customers to help them make machine. also many machines have been sold to Chinese clients for cassia seed drying and sterilization, flour weevil sterilization, traditional Chinese medicine drying and sterilization, fast food heating, food in bags or bottles sterilization, flower tea drying, and so on.

Xinhang have always been stick to the idea of “people- oriented, customer supreme” and the standard of “responsibility, dedication, integrity, unity and progress ” to develop a worldwide famous brand of commercial and industrial microwave machine and components.