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Henan Xinhang microwave charm blooming 2021 Asia Vending & Smart Retail Expo

    From May 10 to May 12,2021, 2021 Asia Vending & Smart Retail Expo was held in Guangzhou | China Import and Export Fair, and Henan Xinhang Microwave was invited to present the exhibition for the third time.

    After careful preparation, with exquisite technical level and efficient heating speed, the microwave oven matching Hot Food Vending Machine has once again become a bright spot of the exhibition, attracting merchants from all over the country to stop to watch and consult and negotiate. Among them, China BaiXue, KIMMA such well-known enterprises.With the exhibitors (XING YUAN VENGDING, TCN VENDING, etc.) Hot Food Vending Machine before the hot scene is undoubtedly the biggest recognition of our products.

In recent years,microwave oven matched with Hot Food Vending Machine provided by Henan Xinhang microwave has made rapid development in the vending industry, with remarkable achievements, a certain brand precipitation, steady development. With strong R & D capability and determination to only do fine products, we have occupied a certain position in the industry. Although we know that this road has a long way to go, Henan Xinhang Microwave will continue to improve production skills. Firmly good quality, good after-sales service, for more customers to provide better products and services. Look forward to seeing you next year!