Xinhang Microwave Technology Co., Ltd manufactures quality Industrial Microwave systems and wear parts. Unlike other traditional drying equipment which dehumidify from the surface, Xinhang Microwave is able to simultaneously penetrate and dry all components of the material, so the heat “from the inside out”. Microwave energy cause molecules vibration quickly, making friction and produce heat. This method is not only more energy efficient than the old drying system but also less harm to the input material nutrition, surface and characteristics.

  • Herbal Microwave Drying and Sterilizing


    Herbal Microwave Drying and Sterilizing

    unlike traditional gas burning and other heating method, microwave heating would not alter appearance and nutrition of herbal material. The uniform heating minimize discoloration and spread energy to every single molecule

  • Chemical Microwave heating


    Chemical Microwave heating

    Rubber Vulcanization Preheat, desulfurizing, Inorganic chemical industry and organic chemical industry are also available to use microwave heating achieving a rapid, convenient and economical result.

  • Wood/Timber/Tumber Microwave Drying


    Wood/Timber/Tumber Microwave Drying

    It is also wide applied for wood, bamboo material and floor wood, 5 times faster than conventional drying method. Especially for expensive wood, it effectively controls processing time preventing from cracking.

  • Insects/Mealworm and Bugs Microwave Sterilizing


    Insects/Mealworm and Bugs Microwave Sterilizing

    We could provide both batch oven and tunnel continuous type microwave heating for insect application such as mealworm, yellow mealworm, scorpion, the flour weevil and the fly maggot etc

  • Fiber, ceramic & china microwave heating


    Fiber, ceramic & china microwave heating

    There is a fact that 20% water content of semi ceramic material need immediately dehumidified in a short time, however traditional drying method could easily damage ceramic equipment in the same time as Xinhang microwave does. Hence Xinhang Industrial Microwave heating could achieve faster drying and preserve the appearance of ceramic material.

  • Pulp & fiber Microwave Heating:


    Pulp & fiber Microwave Heating:

    corrugated board, all kinds of pulp, boxes, cartons, CPP, EPP, BOPP, cupboard, paper tube

  • Agriculture Microwave Heating and Dehydration


    Agriculture Microwave Heating and Dehydration

    vegetable & fruit suits for microwave drying as well such as banana, avocado, apple, rosebud, potatoes and other foods

  • Pharmaceutical Microwave Sterilizing


    Pharmaceutical Microwave Sterilizing

    Solid Medicine, powder medicine, pills, reagent, troche and Chinese herbal ingredients are also available for microwave drying.

  • Construction Material


    Construction Material

    gypsum board, Glass Magnesium Board and insulation board are adopted microwave dying as a better solution

  • Powder



    Xinhang microwave dyer could effectively dry all kinds of mineral powder (Lead, zinc, tungsten copper) food ingredient and other power etc.

  • microwave drying kitty litter


    drying kitty litter

    The microwave equipment we provide can use to dry kitty-litter.

  • heating with microwave


    ready meals heating with microwave

    Microwave heating system has a faster and uniform heating performance over traditional heating method. Especially for activities such as sports match, conference and rally, microwave heating could immediately supply a big amount of fast food for public with high hygiene standard. Meanwhile, it suit for the starch; the wheat gluten; chicken, pork and beef (jerky)

  • microwave popcorn time


    microwave popcorn

    how to make popcorn? using microwave

Xinhang microwave Technology Co.,Ltd does not provide a set of equipment or system to users, we offer a complete solution for your application. It is recognized that moisture has a big influence on the quality of some material, Xinhang microwave drying solution yield accurate results in seconds ideal for moisture precision control. Xinhang industrial microwave dryer is truly a complete solution to provide a fast, environmentally friendly, uniform and efficient heating.