• 30KV 2A diode
  • microwave diode
  • high voltage diode

30KV 2A High Voltage Microwave Diode

  • Type:Rectifier stack
  • Model:2CL30KV2A
  • Material:Epoxy resin
  • Reverse surge voltage Vrrm:30KV
  • Working temperature:-40 to +150℃
  • Average forward current IF:2A
  • Product name:30KV 2A High Voltage Microwave Diode

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Maximum rating of 30KV 2A High Voltage Microwave Diode:

Parameter Name Marks Test condition Test value Unit
Repetitive peak inverse voltage VRRM   30 KV
Average forward rectified current IO   2.0 A
The non repetitive peak surge current IFSM Ta=25℃, rated load, half-wave, single phase 20KHZ 200 A
Tj Operating Junction Temperature Range Tj Sine half wave voltage 150
Environment temperature during working Tc   120
Storage temperature Tstg   -40-120

Electrical specification of 30KV 2A High Voltage Microwave Diode:

Rated Value Sign Condition Test value Unit
Maximum peak forward voltage V IF=5A 42 V
The largest reverse recovery time trr IF=2mA IR=4mA   uS
Max Reverse Current IR1 VR=VRRM, 25℃ 2.0 uA
IR2 VR=VRRM, 100℃ 30 uA
Max junction capacity Cj   0.8 pF

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