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  • Soybean Milk Commercial Microwave Oven
  • Soybean Milk Commercial Microwave Oven
  • Soybean Milk Commercial Microwave Oven

microwave drying machine for insects

  • Application:drying cricket/grasshopper/scorpions/tenebrio
  • Input voltage:220V±5%
  • Microwave frequency:2450±50 MHz
  • Microwave Input Power:6kw(MAX)
  • Control Method:SCM
  • Material:201 stainless steel
  • Cavity Dimension:750*715*750mm
  • Dimension:1160*745*1340mm
  • Weight:250KG

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This machine can be used to dry and sterilize insects,like cricket,grasshopper,scorpions,tenebrio etc.
It is very suitable for insect famers.


Item Model Number
Microwave magnetron LG 2M246-03TAG 6
Magnetron cooling fan AC12038 220V/17W 6
Driving Motor 5IK180RGU-CFW 1
Rotating trays #201 stainless steel bracket PTFE 6(single-deck/ double-deck)
PLC screen SIEMENS TPC7062KX(7 inches) 1
Moisture removal fan AC15050 220V / 52W AC130J1 220V/85A 2
LED light Model: CF-3XLW Power: 5W 1
Infrared thermometer Model: LT-05AW2012-A Temperature range: 0-500℃ 1
Ammeter Model: 85C1 Range: 5A 1

Main Product Parameters
Name Vegetable/fruit/food dehydrator oven
Type box type
Model X6
Microwave frequency 2450±50 MHz
Input voltage 220V±5%
Microwave Input power 6kw
Color of the oven Silver-white
Material of the oven Industrial stainless steel
Quantity of tray 6
Microwave leakage limit ≤5mw/cm2
Temperature 60-120 °C
Cooling method air
Weight 250 kg
Dimension 1160*745*1340mm
Cavity Size 750*715*750mm
Tray size 650*220*195mm
Installation area ≤3m2

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