• water cooled magnetron,2M265E-D3UMM
  • Panasonic water cooled magnetron
  • Panasonic magnetron
  • 3000W water cooled magnetron

Original 3000W Panasonic water cooled magnetron,2M265E-D3UMM

  • Model:2M265E-D3UMM
  • Average Output Power:3000W
  • Frequency:2455MHz
  • Peak Anode Voltage:5.1KV
  • Filament current:22A
  • Peak Anode Current:900mA
  • Cooling Way:water cooled
  • Suitable for fixed hole center distance:47.6mm*115mm
  • Cooling air flow:≥2.0L/min
  • Weight :3.6KG

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