• microwave transformer 3x1000w
  • microwave transformer group
  • oil cooled microwave transformer
  • oil cooled microwave transformer group 3x1000w

Oil Cooled Microwave Transformer Group 3x1000W

  • Size:460x220x220mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight(do not including oil):32Kgs
  • Oil filling:13Kgs
  • Cooling way:Oil cooling
  • Filling oil:25#/40# transformer oil
  • Quantity of Transformers:3 sets
  • Each transformer power:1000W
  • Input Voltage:220V
  • Power phase:Single
  • Transformer winding:Double winding

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Description of Oil Cooled Microwave Transformer Group 3x1000W:

This Oil Cooled Microwave Transformer Group 3x1000W is composed of 3 pcs of 1000W microwave transformer, 3pcs of capacitors and 3pcs of diodes.
It could match with 3 pcs of LG, Panasonic, Samsung and other magnetrons with power 1000w or lower than 1000W, such as 900W, 800W, 700W and so on. It’s applied to all kinds of microwave machines.

Advantages of Oil Cooled Microwave Transformer Group 3x1000W:

Oil Cooled Microwave Transformer Group 3x1000W has the following advantages:

Good heat dissipation function. In the oil tank, there is an oil pump circulating system.

On the broadsides of the oil tank, there are two handles to move the transformer unit conveniently.

Also there are oil filling hole to check oil level in the tank.

Each transformer is fixed on a separate board. It’s convenient for maintenance. If there is some problem with one transformer, users only need to take out the one from

the oil tank to check, necessary to take out all the three sets transformers from the tank.

Parameters of Oil Cooled Microwave Transformer Group 3x1000W:

Weight(not including oil)
Oil filling 13Kgs
Cooling way Oil cooling
Quantity of Transformers 3 Sets
Each transformer power 1000W
Input Voltage 220V
Power phase Single
Winding Double winding


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