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Industrial Microwave Transformer 1000W DG-75

  • Primary voltage:220V
  • Secondary voltage:2170V
  • Power phase:Single
  • Rated power :900W to 1000W
  • Cooling way:Air cooling
  • Winding:Three winding
  • Model:YHA-02
  • Iron core:113.3x80mm
  • Filament voltage:3.3V
  • Weight:7.3Kgs

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Description of Industrial Microwave Transformer 1000W DG-75:

Industrial Microwave Transformer 1000W DG-75 is used to industrial microwave machines, such as microwave drying, heating, dehydration, and sterilization machine.

parameters of Industrial Microwave Transformer 1000W DG-75:

Primary voltage 220V
Secondary voltage 2170V
Power phase Single
Rated power 900W to 1000W
Cooling way Air cooling
Winding Three winding
Model YHA-02
Iron core 113.3x80mm
Filament voltage 3.3V
Weight 7.3Kgs


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