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Industrial Microwave transformer YHC-01 1000W

  • Model:Industrial Microwave transformer YHC-01 1000W
  • Output power:1000W
  • Primary voltage:220V
  • Secondary voltage:2190V
  • No-load power:95w
  • No-load current:4.5A
  • Primary resistance:0.73Ω
  • Secondary resistance:33.5Ω
  • Resistance MΩ:≥100
  • Filament voltage:3.7V

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Description of Industrial Microwave transformer YHC-01 1000W:

9.3kgs 1000w industrial microwave transformer YHC-01, it is used to industrial microwave machines, such as microwave drying, heating, dehydration, and sterilization machine. The secondary wire is aluminum, and its diameter is the two times of normal transformer. The filament voltage is 3.7V, has small heat. Resistance class is 220. After working two hours in equipment continuously, the outside temperature is 67℃, and noise is less than 50db. It’s self cooling.It’s the first choice of users. 

Parameters of Industrial Microwave transformer YHC-01 1000W:

Primary voltage 220V
Secondary voltage 2190V
No-load current 4.5A
Rated power 1000W
No-load power 95w
Primary resistance 0.73Ω
Secondary resistance 33.5Ω
Model YHC-01
Resistance MΩ ≥100
Filament voltage 3.7V
Weight 9.3Kgs
Terminal #250
Safety standard Tec335-1
Frequency 50HZ
Size(LxWxH) 165x130x140mm
Fixed board size 110x105mm
Distance between installation holes 90x90mm

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