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microwave leakage detector

  • Product name:Microwave leakage detector
  • Display screen:LCD
  • Calibrated at:2450MHz
  • Rang:0-3.99mW/cm2
  • Warning value:5.0mW/cm2
  • Accuracy:+1dB
  • Power source:9V battery

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Specification of microwave leakage detector:

microwave leakage detector

1.LCD digital readout
2.Low leakage volume display for warming
3.Human factor engineering design is suitable for the operation of the both hand
4.1year life battery
5.Never needs recalibration
6.High sensitivity ti the microwave
7.Excellent reliability and high precision
8.Calibrated at:2450MHz
10.Warning value:5.0mW/cm2

12.Power source:9V battery 

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