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What Is a Commercial Microwave?

A commercial microwave is a microwave oven designed for use in a restaurant. Commercial microwaves are constructed with higher quality materials and designed for superior durability compared to a typical residential microwave. They are also designed for much more frequent and heavy use than a home model. A commercial microwave will typically have a much higher power output than a residential microwave. Most restaurants use microwave ovens in their kitchens. These ovens work in much the same way as a typical residential model but have several significant differences. The main difference between a restaurant microwave and typical residential models is the quality of construction. A commercial microwave is designed to take much heavier use than a home model, as they can be subjected to hours of nearly continual use on a daily basis. A commercial microwave is usually built with a cabinet of restaurant-grade stainless steel for ease of cleaning. The size of commercial microwave ovens also sets them apart from typical residential models. Most restaurant microwaves are significantly larger than home models and can hold and cook more food at one time. Some restaurant microwaves have doors which swing upward as well, instead of opening to one side like most home models. Like residential models, some commercial microwave ovens are available with a rotating carousel feature to ensure more even heating of foods. The main difference between a commercial microwave and most residential models is cooking power. Commercial microwaves are more powerful than a typical home microwave and often are capable of cooking food in as little as half the time. Most home microwaves have a maximum power of 1,000 to 1,200 watts, but a typical commercial microwave will have an output of between 1,500 and 2,200 watts. Some of the most expensive and heavy duty models may be even more powerful, with an output of as many as 3,000 watts. Pre-programmed, quick buttons are another common feature of commercial microwaves that are not seen on most residential models. This helps in streamlining operations and makes using the ovens quicker and easier for restaurant cooks. These buttons allow the cook to simply put the food in the microwave and push one button to activate the oven for the desired time.

What's inside a microwave oven magnetron

Are you interested in the structure of magnetron?
If yes,please check this link: https://youtu.be/42UF_kED34Q

Is your product original?

We have panasonic company and LG company's authorization, guarantee the products are original and new.

Do you have LG and Panasonic exporting certification?


Can you provide a complete set of magnetron, microwave transformer, waveguide, capacitance, and silicon stack?

Yes, We are a company that specializes in microwave components, All parts of 1000w, 1500W, 2000w can be provided. also provide 3000w air-cooled and water-cooled magnetron.

Where is your company located? How can I visit you?

Our company is located in Zhengzhou City, China. You can fly to Zhengzhou airport directly, and we will pick you up. Welcome to visit our company.

How much is the minimum order quantity? Can you provide the sample?

For microwave transformer, microwave power supply and microwave equipment, the minimum order is one piece, we can provide the sample, but usually customers need to pay for it and also the freight cost.

How can I place an order?

For small order or sample, if you want to place order, pls contact us. We will make a proforma inovoice, then you can pay for it. Then we dispatch goods; For large order, you could place in alibaba, it called credit guarantee order.

warranty time of the microwave dryer?

one year.

What is the advantage of commercial microwave oven  to Conventional equipment?

Microwave is a direct method of drying and sterilization. Energy is transferred through the material electro-magnetically, not as a thermal heat flux. Therefore, the effect of drying and sterilization is uniformity and process time is short. Microwave mushrooms sterilizer and dryer could completely preserve the original color, fragrance, nutrition and other properties of spices.

How about safety?

Using scientific structure and patented suppression system, microwave drying machine no threat of electromagnetic radiation to the health and safety of equipment operators.

What about maintenance?

For microwave dryer and sterilizer, the only  part that requires maintenance is the magnetron.  In the event of a malfunction or misuse through incorrect operation, this  can easily be replaced in less than thirty minutes.  Generally,werecommends that the magnetron of industrial microwave dryer and microwave sterilizer be replaced  annually or after 8,000 hours of operation, whichever is sooner.