• 10kw commercial microwave oven
  • 10kw commercial microwave oven
  • 10kw commercial microwave oven
  • 10kw commercial microwave oven
  • 10kw commercial microwave oven

10Kw Soybean Baked Commercial Microwave Oven

  • Name:Vegetable/fruit/food dehydrator oven
  • Type:box type
  • Model:X10
  • Microwave frequency:2450±50 MHz
  • Input voltage:380V±5%
  • Microwave power:10kw
  • Color of the oven:Silver-white
  • Material of the oven:Industrial stainless steel

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10Kw Soybean Baked Commercial Microwave Oven

1.Accessory brand: SIEMENS and other High quality brand
2.Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance
3.Equipment material: Full steel construction, durable
4.Lifetime warranty
5.We can customize different dimension and specification according to the requirements of customers.

Product Parameters of 10Kw Soybean Baked Commercial Microwave Oven:

Item Model Number
Microwave magnetron Korea LG 2M246-03 10
Magnetron cooling fan AC12038 220V/17W 10
Driving Motor 5IK180RGU-CFW 1
Rotating trays #201 stainless steel bracket PTFE 6(single-deck/ double-deck)
PLC screen SIEMENS TPC7062KX(7 inches) 1
Moisture removal fan AC15050 220V / 52W AC130J1 220V/85A 2
LED light Model: CF-3XLW Power: 5W 1
Infrared thermometer Model: LT-05AW2012-A Temperature range: 0-500℃ 1
Ammeter Model: 85C1 Range: 5A 1

Main Product Parameters
Name Vegetable/fruit/food dehydrator oven
Type box type
Model X10
Microwave frequency 2450±50 MHz
Input voltage 380V±5%
Microwave power 10kw
Color of the oven Silver-white
Material of the oven Industrial stainless steel
Quantity of tray 6
Microwave leakage limit ≤5mw/cm2
Temperature 60-120 °C
Cooling method air
Weight 210 kg
Dimension 1600( length)*1550(width)*1100(depth)mm
Cavity Size 960( length)*960(width)*960(depth)mm
Tray size 800( length)*294(width)*30(depth)mm
Installation area ≤3m2

Applicable :

10Kw Soybean Baked Commercial Microwave Oven is used for various food products drying, sterilizing, curing, puffing etc., such as peanuts, walnuts, chestnut, sunflowers etc. nuts drying and roasting, vegetables dehydration, flowers drying etc., as well as spice drying and sterilizing, meat products drying, food puffing etc.


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