• 2kw coffee shop microwave oven
  • 2kw coffee shop microwave oven
  • 2kw coffee shop microwave oven
  • 2kw coffee shop microwave oven
  • 2kw coffee shop microwave oven

2kw Food Heating Microwave Oven

  • Model Number:New-X2
  • Power Supply:220V,50/60Hz
  • Microwave Input Power:1-2kw
  • Cavity Diemension:346*206*320mm
  • Dimension:463*362*514mm
  • Volume:21L
  • Turntable Diameter:300mm
  • Material:201 Stainless Steel
  • Control Mode:Single Chip
  • Weight:28.5KG

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1. Industrial grade microwave oven parts
2. SCM control and LED Screen
3. Small volume

4. Heating speed is faster(2~3 times) than household microwave oven
5. Contrlo plate owns both Chinese and English
6. Digital plate is English

Product parameters:

1.Control panel Single Chip; LCD color screen; clearer and easy to operation
Time can be set, with memory mode
1-2kw adjustable, low, medium and medium high, high fire 0-200 degrees
2.Appearance material Appearance: 201 stainless steel mirror material; panel:black titanium material. More concise,easy to clean.
The plate made of stitching, reasonable installation of the componentss, save space.
3.Components  LG magnetron fixed on both sides of the cavity rectangular waveguide, both sides of the microwave feed, to ensure no leakage, more uniform.
Independent magnetron exhausts gas and moisture with high-power snail fan.The guide duct corresponding to the heat sink, does not affect the accessories heat
4.Design The left hand is the habit of most people
300mm diameter rotary stainless steel round plate.  1-3 pcs fast foode,raised up 30mm,so that food heating faster.
The electromagnetic device above the door, accidentally open the door, microwave stop and outage
5.Clean and safe Cavity sleekly without solder joints, easy to clean. Thawing food safely and neatly, heating fast food/lunch 
Covering all cracks' restraining strip match copper door buckle,  to ensure that the leakage value in line with national standards ≤ 5mw / cm2


Fast Food shops, Coffee shops, Hotels, Hospitals and so on.  


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