• 25L microwave oven
  • double layer microwave oven
  • stainless steel microwave oven
  • 2KW microwave oven
  • heavy duty microwave oven

Stainless steel double-layer 2KW commercial microwave oven for restaurant

  • Voltage:208/230-240V
  • Microwave Wattage:2000 Watts
  • Interior Width:300mm
  • Interior Depth:300mm
  • Interior Height :Total 275mm,first floor 150mm,second 125mm
  • Width:520.5mm
  • Depth:437.7mm
  • Height:449.6mm
  • Capacity:25.6L

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Product Description:

Different with home use microwave ovens,the commercial microwave oven will have bigger microwave power,bigger size,it can bear heavier duty and heat more foods when working.
Generally speaking,the commercial microwave ovens are widely used in various public catering establishments,such as unmanned stores,food courts, hotels, restaurants,etc.
This microwave oven is especially suitable for for defrost and reheating of packed foods.



1.Heating time can be set to be memory mode.
2.Adopt LCD color display, easy operation.
3.Doulbe-layer design,it can heat more food per time.


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