• commercial microwave
  • heavy duty microwave oven
  • microwave oven with drop-down door
  • 2000w microwave oven
  • 18L microwave oven

NEWSAIL commercial microwave for ready meals,frozen meals

  • Model:NEW-X2A
  • Rated input voltage:220V 50Hz
  • Electric power:2900 Watts
  • Microwave power:2000 Watts
  • Cavity Dimension:Width 300 * Depth 300 * Depth 200mm
  • Dimension:Width 380 * Depth 506 * Depth 564mm
  • Weight:26.0kg

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Product Description:

NEWSAIL commercial microwave for dark kitchen opens and closes automatically with the push of a button. Features touch controls with an color display for a sleek look,18 Liter, in stainless steel.

Suitable for delivery-only restaurant, online-only restaurant, delivery kitchen, virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, commissary kitchen, dark kitchen, ghost line, or cloud kitchen (or other variant names, referring to "ghost kitchens")


Product features:

    • .63-cu.-ft. interior space
    • Magnetrons on top and bottom
    • Short cook times for single-serve applications
    • Door automatically opens when cooking cycle is completed
    • Door remains open until ready to cook
    • Space-saving footprint enables back-to-back placement with another microwave
    • facilitate cleaning
    • LED display
    • Stainless steel interior and exterior




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