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12kw industrial conveyor belt type microwave oven for heating food and drying insect

  • Model:S-12
  • Input Voltage:380V±10% 50Hz±1%
  • Microwave Input Voltage:12KW(adjustable)
  • Microwave Frequency:2450MHz
  • Control Method:SCM+LED Screen
  • Cooling Way:Water cooled
  • Material:201 stainless steel
  • Width of Conveyor Belt:750mm
  • Dimension:5300×1020×780mm
  • Warranty:12 months

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Working Principle:

1.Drying principle

The direct interaction between the material and the microwave, the polar molecules (water molecules, etc.) in the material absorb the microwaves and change the original molecular structure under the action of the microwaves to exhibit the directional arrangement; the polar molecules conduct the polarity movement according to the change of the external electromagnetic field, And the same frequency with the microwave frequency friction heat generated, so that the rapid increase in temperature within a short time from the material to achieve the heating and curing effect, to achieve the purpose of rapid drying dehydration.


2.Sterilization principle

Material in the microwave heating process simultaneously biological effect. Under the action of microwave, the harmful bacteria, pests and other microorganisms in the material are subjected to the action of non-polar thermal and polar rotation to change the arrangement and movement of microorganisms, so that the organism is inactivated due to the deterioration of the protein and Relaxes, breaks or recombines several hydrogen bonds of RNA and DNA, interferes or destroys its normal metabolism, heredity and proliferation, inhibits or causes the growth of dead cells and pests, , Sterilization, preservation purposes.

Features and Specification:


  1. Dry sterilization time is short, high efficiency;
  2. Low-temperature sterilization to keep the nutritional content of materials is not lost;
  3. Save energy
  4. Heated evenly, more thorough sterilization;
  5. Easy to operate, simple control mode, can be automated production;
  6. 12~24 hours of uninterrupted work (water cooled);
  7. Free installation;
  8. Small device (compared with the same power device on the market), small footprint, light weight, easy to move.


Model S-12
Rated Input Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave Input Voltage 12KW(adjustable)
Microwave Frequency 2450MHz
Height of Inlet and Outlet 100mm
Width of Conveyor Belt 750mm
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0.1~5.0m/min
Control Method SCM+LED Screen
Cooling Way water cooled
Cavity Material 201 stainless steel
Other Departments Material 201 stainless steel
Dimension 5300mm*1020mm*780mm
Microwave Leakage Value <5mw/cm2
Drying Capacity 10.0kg / hour
Sterilization Capacity 100.00kg /hour



1.Reheating food,like hamburg, noodles, rice and a variety of dishes.
2.Drying dried fruit,broad bean,bean productsand and other small snacks.
3.Drying herbs and insects,like chrysalis, crickets, scorpions and grasshoppers.


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