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Conveyor type industrial microwave machine

  • Rated input power supply:380V
  • Output power:24KW adjustable
  • Frequency:2450MHz±50MHz
  • Outer dimension LxWxH:9600x1200x1600mm could be customized
  • Height of conveyor belt above the floor:800±15mm
  • Transmission speed:0-5 M/min Frequency control
  • Transmission power:0.76 KW Frequency control
  • Quantity of heating boxes:4
  • The height of suppressor opening:120mm
  • Transformer cooling way:Oil cooling water cooling

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Features of each main parts of Conveyor type industrial microwave machine:

Conveyor type industrial microwave machine

1.Material of microwave oven box, height, and connection type: 1.5mm thickness, 304# stainless steel board, fasteners link. Accessory board material: 0.8mm thickness, 304# stainless steel, hang up type.
2.Suppressor: 2mm thickness aluminum board
3.Wave guide: Aluminum rectangular waveguide
4.Pipe line of hydrofuge and heat removal: PVC material

The main technical parameter of Conveyor type industrial microwave machine:

Power supply Three-phase five line380V±5% 50HZ±1%


(Zero line is as large as the phase line)

Rated input power supply 380V


Output power 24 KW Adjustable
Frequency 2450MHz±50MHz


Outer dimension LxWxH 9600x1200x1600mm could be customized
Microwave function area LxWxH 3.84x1x1.6(m)


Width of conveyor belt With guide and high temperature resistance 1000mm
Height of conveyor belt above the floor 800±15mm


Transmission speed 0-5 M/min Frequency control
Transmission power 0.76 KW Frequency control
Environment Temperature


Relative humidity≤80%


Workshop environment No corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosion gas
Quantity of heating boxes 4


Microwave feeding way The broad board feed in


The height of suppressor opening 120mm


Transformer cooling way Oil cooling water cooling
Magnetron cooling way Water cooling
Water inlet temperature


Water outlet temperature


Temperature range and accuracy 0-300℃ Non contact infrared
Control method PLC or sing chip control, touch screen operated


Microwave leakage standard Accord to national standard ≤5mw/cm2
Electric safety standard GB 5226.1-2008 General technical specification 



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