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Mini Type 4KW Stainless Steel Microwave Tunnel Heating Equipment

  • Rated Input Voltage:380V 50~60Hz
  • Input Power:5000W
  • Microwave Input Power:4000W
  • Material:201/304 stainless steel
  • Cooling Way:air cooled
  • Conveyor Belt:Chain belt(PP)
  • Dimension:2003mm(L)*400mm(W)*790mm(H)
  • Weight:200KG
  • Package:Wooden Box

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Feature and Specification:

  1. The heating speed is 4~5 times than household microwave oven;
  2. Food can be continuously heated,and more evenly heated;
  3. Easy to operate, simple control mode, can be automated production;
  4. Pick and place convenient;
  5. Free installation;
  6. Small footprint.


Model S-4
Rated Input Voltage 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave Input Voltage 4KW(adjustable)
Microwave Frequency 2450MHz
Height of Inlet and Outlet 40mm
Width of Conveyor Belt 300mm
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0.1~5.0m/min
Control Method SCM+LED Screen
Cooling Way air cooled
Cavity Material 201 stainless steel
Other Departments Material 201 stainless steel
Dimension 2000mm*400mm*790mm
Microwave Leakage Value <5mw/cm2
Heating Capacity 100 servings of 500 grams of fast food  each hour



Customized Service:

We can customize if you have the following requirements:

  1. Material(201/304 Stainless steel);
  2. Logo;
  3. Control Method;
  4. Cooling Way;
  5. Others.


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