• 3000w microwave switch power supply
  • microwave power supply
  • 3000w magnetron driver

3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply

  • Rated input power:5800w
  • Rated output power:5000w
  • Input voltage:185 to 265VAC
  • Power factor:more than 85%
  • Rated cathode voltage:5500V
  • Rated anode current:900mA(Max)
  • Rated filament bias:3.3V/20A
  • Magnetron controlling method:Voltage/current feedback
  • Cooling way:Air cooling
  • Failure warning:Indicator remote alarm interface

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Description of 3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply:

3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply

Henan Xinhang Microwave Technology represent the most advanced technology regarding power supply for varies standard magnetrons. The behavior of the magnetron is checked and regulated in order to minimize moding and to ensure maximum magnetron lifetime under all load conditions. This series magnetron power supply is the perfect choice for industrial magnetrons.

General features of 3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply:

3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply

Designed for different standard magnetrons
Continuously contronable output power level
Internal filament current circuitry
High efficiency and low weight
Completely boxed with dual cooling fan
Voltage or current signal controlling interface
Classical switch power supply technology
Magnetron long life features
Moding and arcing protection
Regulated filament current supply
Compatible for multiple power supply applications 

Main features of 3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply:

3000W Microwave Invert Power Supply Features:
Enough output power to ensure magnetron reach to best power.
High efficiency
Adjustable power supply, could be controlled by voltage or RS485 communication.
With soft switch function, and one pc could control many sets of power supplies.

Could match with the following magnetrons:
2M266, 2M265, 2M285, MB2568A

Main technical parameters:
Rated input power: 5800W
Rated output power: 5000W
Input voltage: 185-265VAC
Power factor: ≧85%
Rated cathode voltage: 5500V
Rated anode current: 900mA(Max)
Rated filament bias: 3.3V/20A
Magnetron controlling method: voltage/current feedback
Cooling way: air cooling
Failure warning: indicator remote alarm interface
Working temperature: -30-+55℃
Grounding mode: housing+wire connection
Installation method: many ways


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