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  • 3x1000W Oil Immersed Magnetron Power Supply

3x1000W Oil Immersed Magnetron Power Supply

  • Oil amount:12L
  • Application:Microwave Equipment
  • Heat-disspathing method:Oil and water cooling
  • Dimension:300x220x200mm
  • Weight:9 kgs
  • Output direct voltage:4200V
  • Output direct current:0.35A
  • Output power:3x1000W
  • Power factor:>0.9
  • Warranty:One year

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Product Introduction:

 3x1000W Oil Immersed Magnetron Power Supply

1,New Size and Weight
300*220*200mm, 8.8KG, Oil quantity( needed): 12.0L
Adopts 12mm pneumatic pipe, water cooling circulating
2, Save time of maintenance and replacement
Each pair of power panel can be taken out seperately.

3, How to measure the oil level
The oil filler was closer to the cooling fins, which is easier to judge the oil level.

4, Wiring
Left side: Two red wires- Filament wire
               One black wire- Ground wire
Right side: Red line- Fire line
                  Yellow line- Ground line
                  Blue line- Zero line


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