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Adjustable Microwave Switching Power Supply B302

  • Input voltage:220 V
  • Output voltage:4000 V
  • Rated Output Currency:280 mA
  • Filament Current:10.2 A
  • Weight:3 Kgs
  • Application:Microwave Equipment

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Test Report of Variable Microwave Switching Power Supply:

Model: B302 Test Date: Dec. 13th, 2016

Input Voltage

Test Contents


Output Voltage The Load Model(2M246)


Output Current(Rated 280mA)


198 V 4000 V 280mA
220 V 4000 V 300mA
245 V 4000 V 300 mA
Filament Current 10.2 A
Voltage External Control Turn on Turn off


2.6 V 2.2 V
Power External Control 0 V 5 V


50.6 W 1493 W
Short-circuit Test 100 ohm power resistance short-circuit test
Indicator Light Panel lights are able to light up or not Logic is normal or not
Appearance Equipment appearance should be clean, without damage, and corrosion.


No significant mechanical deformation, scratches on shells.



The label is complete and accurate


Instruction of Variable Microwave Switching Power Supply:

 Instruction of input and output terminals:
This B302 type microwave power supply adopt TB1508 terminals. 8-position screw-tight terminal block.
Terminal definition:
1.Input power supply L: Connect the AC input power cord L normally
2.Input power supply N: Connect the AC input power cord N normally
3.Current signal +: Anode current acquisition signal, 0.1 ohm sampling resistor, collecting anode mA current, the output value is 0.1 * 7 mA. Full load output is about 30 mV.
4.Current signal -: Negative electrode of Anode current signal
5. Starting up signal +: external control starting up signal’s input is positive, it’s the internal optocoupler input side. When the input is 5 V DC power supply, the power supply start and has high-voltage output.
6. Power control signal +: external power control signal’s input is positive, it’s internal coupling input side. When the input signal is DC 5 volts (3 mA), the power output is full power. The control voltage value and the output current value are non-linear corresponding relations.
7. Start Up / Adjust Power -: Start up and power adjustment terminal signal ground.
8. The power supply uses the insulation board terminal output filament current mode, the filament power supply terminal must tighten, the heating piece guarantees the full contact.
9. The anode terminal block is provided with a grounding screw on the side of the terminal block. It is a high-voltage anode terminal. Be sure to connect the screw to the shell of the magnetron. If the screw is left open, the high voltage circuit will open circuit and damage the power supply.


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