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Fixed Frequency Microwave AC DC Switching Power Supply A301

  • Product Name:Fixed Frequency Microwave AC DC Switching Power Supply
  • Input Voltage:220 V
  • Output Voltage:4000 V
  • Rated Output Currency:280 mA
  • Filament Currency:10.2A
  • Application:Microwave Equipment

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Test Report of this microwave switching power supply:

Model: A301 Test Date: Dec. 13th, 2016

Input Voltage

Test Contents Results
Output Voltage The Load Model(2M246)


Output Current(Rated 280mA)



198 V 4000 V 280mA

220 V 4000 V 300mA

245 V 4000 V 300 mA

Filament Current 10.2 A

Voltage External Control Turn on Turn off

2.6 V 2.2 V
Power External Control 0 V 5 V

50.6 W 1493 W
Short-circuit Test 100 ohm power resistance short-circuit test

Indicator Light Panel lights are able to light up or not Logic is normal or not

Appearance Equipment appearance should be clean, without damage, and corrosion.


No significant mechanical deformation, scratches on shells.


The label is complete and accurate




1.Input terminals:
Input port adopts triangular product socket. Connect to zero wire and Fire Wire. Usually the left side is fire line, then the right hand is zero line. The intermediate head in the middle must be grounded reliably
2.Output terminals:
Output terminals with eight-head terminal, then filament power input, we will provide with high-voltage connector with eight holes. The screw at the bottom of port is the anode wire terminal.
wiring instructions of 7-pin air terminal control terminal
The seven-pin terminal has five control lines(green, yellow, black, white, and blue). They have the following functions:
The black line is the control the ground line; The yellow line is a 5V (3mA current) signal. It is a power control line. The output power is about 300W at 0V (mA) and 5V (3mA); Green line is for the switch control signal and connected to the 24-volt signal. When input voltage is 24V there is high-voltage output. And when input is 0 volts the high-voltage output is turn off. the specific start and shutdown values can refer to each power supply test report.

There are three lights on the Panel: blue, red, green, three lights. When the power-on and the green light first turn on, it show there is electricity. About 7 seconds later, the blue light and red light at the same time, it shows the high-voltage output is normal. If the blue light and red light flashing at the same time, it shows the failure of high-voltage start. Blue light flashes shows that the cooling fan failure, and must be shut down for maintenance. 


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