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In the beginning of 2017, XINHANG company had proposed a development direction of basing on microwave technology, expanding microwave application.

With the guidance of professors from China famous universities, Xidian University and Central South University, we designed and developed MICROWAVE SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM. The principle of system is that: In the microwave heating environment, many kinds of harmful substances in sewage will produce decomposition, flocculation and other catalytic reactions. At present the technology has matured after repeated experiments, and made one set of MICROWAVE SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM used in industrial scale, which was installed in Sewage treatment plant in Henan, Qingfeng County on August,2017. After a serial of shakedown test, the system had passed the acceptance, and officially opened.

After MICROWAVE SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM, our R & D and manufacturing capabilities reached to a higher level, and we have also been recognized by all sectors of society at the same time. XINHANG company will continue to put into practice our business philosophy, “Quality, Integrity, Caution Alone, Introspection”, and seek more cooperation within the scope of the world.