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Second-generation Microwave Sewage Treatment System

Recently,the second-generation microwave sewage treatment system developed and manufactured by our company was installed and debugged at the sewage treatment plant in Pingyu County, Zhumadian.
In 2017, the first generation of microwave sewage treatment system produced by our company was put into use in Qingfeng County Sewage Treatment Plant.
After one year of operation, our company has improved the system with a number of domestic universities such as Central South University, refined the equipment parameters, improved the uniformity of microwave irradiation, and for the first time used our company's microwave oil-immersed power supply unit(Patented product).
The power unit can continuously work 24 hours for a long time with high power , coupled with the high-efficiency output of the internationally renowned brand LG magnetron, providing a strong guarantee for the stable operation of the equipment.