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1500W LG Water Cooled Magnetron,2M362

After 3 years of R&D testing and small batch trial production, LG launched the 2M362 series 1500W magnetron in 2018.

LG's many years of R&D experience, full understanding of the global magnetron market, in-depth intervention, and deep cooperation with our company (largest water-cooled magnetron producer in China), finally successfully pilot production of this series model magnetron tube.This fills the gap in the domestic 1500W magnetron market and can create more value for customers.

Main Parameters:
  • Output Power:1500W
  • Pre-heating Time:5 SEC
  • Filament Voltage:3.15V
  • Filament Current:10.5A
  • Anode Voltage:4.4KV
  • Anode Current:430MA
  • Cooling method:Water-cooled
  • Output method:WG(Waveguide output)
Matching power supply:Single-phase filterless full-wave rectifier

  • Food and daily necessities industry. The total power of microwave equipment used in these industries is relatively large. Use of 1500W magnetron can reduce the installation space of microwave equipment and adapt the equipment to more production sites.
  • Small commercial microwave ovens and large box microwave ovens with high power but low cabinet size
  • Institute laboratory microwave research test.
  • Microwave high-temperature industries, such as magnetic materials, ceramics, metal compounds need to use microwave high-temperature furnace to achieve rapid heating temperature of 500-1500 degrees for sintering, synthesis work.
  • At present, box-type/tunnel-type microwave devices are installed using multiple magnetrons, and the magnetron power used is mostly 1000W.When the equipment is designed, the magnetron part takes up a lot of space, the layout is cumbersome, the line repetition failure rate is high, and the maintenance cost is high.
  • With 1500W magnetrons, more microwave sources can be placed in a limited space, the design efficiency is increased by 30%-50%, and the consumption of corresponding microwave components for magnetrons is reduced accordingly.